Colorful, whimsical and uniquely versatile are the hallmarks of Zutano.

Located in the green hills of Vermont, we carefully source only the softest cottons for each new product, creating a line of superior quality clothing and accessories in a rainbow of colors and prints, that are inspired by a love of babies and the belief that every child’s individuality can be celebrated.

As we expand our world, our innovative and exuberant approach to design is evident in every category we enter, from clothing and accessories to plush toys, socks, shoes, bedding and home.

From the very beginning, a baby inspired us to start Zutano. And ever since, we have designed clothes that reflect the unique character of babies. Following the wide-eyed wonder, playful curiosity and life-affirming quality of babies.

At Zutano we are committed to:

  • Operating a company with values, principles and customer satisfaction that demonstrates sustained growth and profit.
  • Building long-term partnerships that are economically just and socially sound.
  • Creating a nurturing work environment that puts families first and fosters mutually beneficial relationships between employees, consumers and suppliers.
  • Respecting our planet – and the diversity and fragility that define it.

Our company, and the tapestry of relationships we weave, is an energetic community - one that will continue to develop a culture of rich imagination and vibrant color; that celebrates the diversity and spirit of children worldwide.

And our inspiration was, and will always be, babies.