Slate Ubbi Diaper Pail

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Ubbi diaper pail is a revolutionary nursery necessity. All the style and none of the smell!

Ubbi pail will change your nursery while you change diapers.

  • Powder coated steel does not absorb odors like plastic and is easy to clean
  • Simple - easy to load, use, empty and clean 
  • Attractive - sleek and modern looking
  • Rubber seals prevent leaks and keep odors locked in
  • Safe - childproof safety lock prevents children from getting into the pail
  • Innovative - sliding lid minimizes air disruption to prevent odors from escaping
  • Convenient & economical - fits standard kitchen bags providing savings over pails that use expensive, hard-to-find refills
  • Cloth diapers bag is also available

Comes in a variety of colors to fit your decor too!

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