Rhoost is the company that results when two friends with a passion for arguing and very complementary skills decide that if the right product does not exist, you should create it. Vianka Perez Belyea and Tavinder Phull are consumers just like you. Rhoost is proudly USA owned and operated. Keep reading to learn more. A mother of invention (the Rhoost story)When Rhoost co-founder Vianka’s daughter, Soledad, turned 6 months, her pediatrician uttered the words Vianka had been dreading: “It’s time to start child-proofing your home V – this little girl with the big personality will be running circles around you in no time!” Vianka immediately added “Buy baby-proofing products” to the top of her to-do list and hit the mall. But after scouring every store, she only found herself disappointed by the poor functionality and invasive installation of the baby-proofing products available, and frustrated that none matched the style of the home in which she took so much pride. Unwilling to settle for existing products, damage her furniture or compromise Soledad’s safety – and confident that a better solution was possible – the idea for Rhoost was born.