Pop & Lolli

Being a Mod Mom with a desire for GOOD design, highly appreciative of (multi)functional products, and a flair for laughter and fun, Mia was at a loss of what to do in her little girl’s very first room of her own!

Scouting the world wide web for days in search of the ultimate nursery décor produced nothing awesome. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing fun. And nothing funky. It was quite the predicament!

Nothing fit this mom’s dream just right. Too small. Too blah. Too nothing. Too ordinary. I believe in impact. And to make an impression, size can definitely help! So to create the fabulous design experience she imagined, Mia needed:

  • funky and fun designs which was playful and cheery and COLO(U)RFUL
  • a design flexible to grow with her
  • and, of course, all encompassing design BIG enough to truly create an immersive environment

Experiencing design as an opportunity for expression and exploration – something every kid deserves. So, this Mod Mom decided to take action and imagineer the ideal dream for experience-design. It was a massive hit.

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