Parent Tested

Until you have a child, you don't really know what works, what doesn't. But you do know what you like.

Walking down the street at about 7 months pregnant all I noticed were the aesthetics of a stroller, diaper bags and cribs in store windows, never their functionality or durability. A typical approach of a parent to be.

After looking and playing with numerous cribs, high chairs, strollers and car seats, I realized that pretty and modern isn't the only criteria. Yeah, I know, wouldn't that be easy if every baby item out there was safe, useful and easy to use. This is were our knowledge, testing and countless opinions from other parents come in handy for you.

We are here to save you time and show you what we have found to be the best items in all aspects of baby gear. And as we find something new and wonderful, we will update this section to share our finds with you.

Here are the best products we just can't live without!