Nursery Musts

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To help new parents plan for the arrival of their child we have created the nuts and bolts nursery planner. Here is everything you need to bring your baby home and into their own, comfortable space.

This list outlines what you really need and will use, no bells, no whistles, just your tested must-haves.


  1. Crib, we prefer convertible, so it grows with your baby while saving you money
  2. Crib mattress
  3. Changing table
  4. Changing pad
  5. Changing pad covers - at least 2
  6. Dresser or an armoir
  7. Rocking chair or a glider


  1. Car set, infant for now, convertible for later
  2. Stroller
  3. Stroller adapter for your infant car seat
  4. Baby sling or carrier
  5. Diaper bag


  1. Bottles and nipples, 2
  2. Bottle storage rack and brush
  3. Nursing pillow and 2 covers
  4. Breast pump
  5. Breast pump bottles
  6. Breast pump storage freezer bags
  7. Nursing cream - for the mommy
  8. Nursing bras or tank tops, at least 2
  9. Burping cloths, 4

Health and Safety

  1. Monitor
  2. Nail clippers or scissors
  3. Nasal aspirator and saline spray or drops
  4. Thermometer, rectal is best
  5. Baby medicine, please consult your pediatrician
  6. Unscented laundry detergent
  7. If you have a pet, crib tent


  1. Long sleeved shirts 4-6
  2. Short sleeved shirts 4-6
  3. Bodysuits, long sleeved 4-6
  4. Bodysuits, short sleeved 4-6
  5. Comfy pants, long/short 4
  6. Socks 6
  7. Hats 3
  8. Baby gowns, 4


  1. Crib sheets, fitted, you'll need 2-3
  2. Receiving blankets, 2-3
  3. Stroller blanket, 1-2
  4. Swaddling sheets or blankets 2-3


  1. Cloth diapers and covers
  2. Regular newborn diapers with belly button opening
  3. Diaper pail and filters and bags
  4. Wipes
  5. Wee Wee covers for boys, trust us!


  1. Newborn tub
  2. Washcloths 6
  3. Hooded towels 3
  4. Bathing lotion
  5. After bath cream
  6. Vaseline or Rash ointment

Activity and Toys

  1. Bouncer or Swing
  2. Crib mirror
  3. Crib mobile
  4. Play mat for tummy time

The above will get you started. And as your baby grows, check out our by-age checklists, coming soon, for what you'll need every step of their development.