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Natart, the parent company of Leander, is a family run business which was founded in Rome, Italy in 1988 as a manufacturer of adult furniture.

Natart has successfully branded itself as a predominantly classical furniture line with distinctive design elements. After receiving multiple demands, from both retailers and consumers alike for a more modern line, Leander was conceived and launched in 2008.

Although Leander is inspired by an urban lifestyle, we take great care in avoiding the sterile design approach that many modern juvenile furniture companies have. Since the end user is a child and not an adult, we prefer that our furniture evokes a feeling of comfort. We are also conscientious in utilizing “eco-friendly” components and manufacturing processes to ensure that our furniture is not only ecologically sound, but above all “user safe.”

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The Leander crib is the ultimate crib! It's green, toxin free and will grow with your child all the way through high school! With its ergonomic...
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The Safety Guard Rail in modern Whitewash or White matches and is suitable for the Leander Junior Bed, this bar is double-bared for extra safety and...
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Did you know that when you have a baby, you’re changing diapers 6-10 times a day? That adds up to several thousand diaper changes by the time your child is...

Protect your Essentia Organic Mattress with this custom oval waterproof pad. The Baby Jeanius Stinky Pad is made with Organic Cotton and is placed...
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Essentia is the leader mattress manufacturer in Canada, and has created the most incredible mattress just for the Leander line. It comes with the...

Custom organic sheets for Leander Junior Bed - a perfect fit and all natural and safe for your baby. 100% organic cotton Oval shaped to fit the...
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