How to Use the Gift Registry

How to Find a Gift Registry

Click on Find a registry. Enter the name of the gift registrant in the Owner field, or the name of the registry in the Title field. If the registry is enabled for public viewing, the registry should be among those listed under the Search results. If not, contact your party to gain access to the private registry. They will need your email address to send you a notification and access rights. NOTE: all public registries are listed below the Search Window.

Please make sure to add items to your cart directly from the registry page to avoid duplicates. 

How to Create a New Gift Registry

  1. Create a new registry: Click on Create a registry. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to do so, or you may create a new account.
  2. Fill in the form fields: Choose "Public" to have your registry viewable by all Baby Koo customers. Choose "Private" to be viewed by invitees only. Hint: Please use a registry name that is easy for your guests to recognize.
  3. Add invitees: To add email addresses that you would like to send notifications to, click the "+" icon. To remove, click the "-" icon.
  4. Guestbook option: "Enable" Guestbook to allow you and your guests to post messages.
  5. Add new: Click "Add New" when page is completed to create your registry. You may edit your registry at any time by logging into your account, and then finding your event in the Gift Registry section.
  6. Search and add items: Once added, there will be three tabs, "Products", "Notifications", and "Guestbook". Search and add your desired products under the "Products" tab.
  7. Send notifications: Click on the "Notifications" tab. Select the email addresses you would like to send a notification to, and click "Send notification to selected." Your invitees will receive a notice of your registry. They will be able to view your registry and buy down from your selection.
  8. Purchase notice: When someone buys from your selection on the web, you will receive a notice.
  9. Please Note: When the purchases from your registry are made at the store, the item will be removed from your registry so to avoid double purchases of the same items.