Essentia Mattress for Leander

Leander mattress
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Essentia is the leader mattress manufacturer in Canada, and has created the most incredible mattress just for the Leander line.

It comes with the extendion piece so you can use it later in the Junior Leander Bed as well, saving you money and time when you're ready for the conversion.

The Essentia's Natural Organic Memory Foam Mattress is made of:

This is one of the most natural mattresses you can find.

  • Natural memory foam provides the ultimate in pressure relief, spinal alighnment, creating optimal spinal hydration
  • Only all organic cotton is used through all of the components
  • There are absolutely no adhesives of any kind
  • No emissions from the mattress, making it completely allergy-free
  • It has no batting or fiber fill - preventing dust mites

Cover can be removed and laundered.


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