we believe in quality

We select the highest quality yarn, knit all of our own fabric to our specification and cut and sew each blanket by hand. We never buy bolts of pre-made, mass-produced fabric or cut corners on quality. Each blanket is sewn by a master sewer to ensure a top quality blanket that lasts for years.

we believe in service

We believe we can make a difference in the world as we serve those around us. Doing this in our own family and with others is part of what we strive to do. We and others are lifted up when we reach out to help in small ways to make an impact for good.
why Saranoni is different
We have chosen to do things differently. Relationships are important to us and we have built relationships with individuals and families who work with us to create the patterns, knit the fabric and sew the blankets that become Saranoni’s. We are grateful for the many skilled individuals who come together with us to deliver you something exceptional. They are our friends, they are part of our Saranoni family and we know and love them personally.