As a mother of two, Tookee founder and designer is always trying to find the best for her children. Be it organic foods, toys or garments, she's constantly searching for those made without the use of harmful materials.

As a company, Tookee cares very much for the future of our planet as well as for the preservation of human rights across the globe. And they are optimistic that working together as a global community we can all create a better world - again for the sake of our children.

TOOKEE™ is a company that is practicing sustainable design. All of their products are dyed, printed, cut and sown in sunny California, showing their commitment to support their community as well as a healthier planet.

Tookee makes baby blankets, baby sleep sacks and toys made from Hemp and Organic Cotton. As one of the world's most environmentally friendly fibers, hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and is dyed without the use of any harmful chemicals.

They chose Hemp also for its superior qualities to other natural fibers - durability, resistance to mold and ultra-violet light just to mention few. The filling for the toys is made from an Ingeo™ fiber which is an eco-friendly fiber based on corn. It is soft, resilient, hypoallergenic and washable.

TOOKEE™ products are hand-crafted by loving hands with the vision of having them passed through generations.

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