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MAM Anti-Colic Baby Bottles Starter Kit

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MAM bottles help babies learn to transition from breast or bottle feeding to independent drinking, while the MAM microwave sterilizer help make cleaning easier for moms and dads.

The Anti-Colic bottle is specially designed to reduce colic gas and burps. It features an ultra-soft silicone nipple, which is easy for babies to latch on to because it feels just like mom! MAM's Easy Active bottle also has an ultra-soft silicone nipple as well as a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning.

MAM Anti-Colic 5oz. and 9oz. bottles:

  • Scientifically proven: 80 % less colic
  • Patented vented base ensures even milk flow so that babies do not swallow air that may cause gas, colic or burps
  • Ultra soft silicone nipple feels soft and familiar like mom
  • Comes with a size one, slow flow nipple
  • BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free and CPSIA compliant.

Easy switch between Mom and MAM

  • BPA- free
  • Can be sterilized in the microwave in just 3 minutes!
  • Wide openings and 5 parts make for easy cleaning
  • The MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple makes for an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding
  • Base ventilation systems provides a smooth milk flow which reduces air swallowed by baby, gas and burps
  • Comes with a slow flow nipple
  • Available in a single pack, double pack or triple pack
  • Removable plastic cap helps keep nipple clean when not in use and features measurement tick marks